Unglamorous Music – a night of five all-female indie punk bands


03 Nov 2023
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7:30 pm - 11:30 pm



On Friday 3rd November we bear witness to a veritable feast of FIVE ALL-FEMALE indie/punk bands.

Boilers, Dada Women and Rogue Notion (spawn from Leicester’s exciting Unglamorous Music scene) will travel down to Folkestone to support their Folkestone sistahs; She Won’t Bite and Samphire Hoes. The strange and wonderful music scene currently growing in Leicester is spreading based on the idea that women of all ages can learn to play punk-style, create their own songs and go on stage to genuine cheers and rapturous applause. These all-female Unglamorous bands are all great songwriters contributing to a whole new seam of art-rock.

In September, Folkestone joined Unglamorous Music 2023 #66DD (the Unglam ’66 Days to Your Debut’ project) and in a short space of time the two bands She Won’t Bite and Samphire Hoes were formed by women with no prior knowledge of playing, performing and writing music. These amazing women have now been playing together for 66 days and tonight they will be performing for the very first time (you know… cheese toastie).

Boilers [Leicester] – return to Folkestone with an expanded set of blistering punk songs that are catchy, fun and full of character.

Dada Women [Leicester] – one of the original Unglam bands, serve a moody grunge and indie rock cocktail with a twist of humour.

Rogue Notion [Leicester] – garage band gone Rogue! Meaningful songs with catchy melodies. Hard to define, easy to listen to, impossible to forget!

Samphire Hoes [Folkestone] – catch them at their first show ever on their home turf – with witty lyrics and ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude they will be serving cheese toasties.

She Won’t Bite [Folkestone] – well, they might actually – you will be drawn in by their ‘important’ lyrics and mesmerizing tunes!

Don’t miss it!



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