About Folkestone Music Town

What makes Folkestone the World's First Music Town?

Folkestone was presented as a case study at the United Nations Habitat World Urban Forum in 2018 after many community meetings and events with people coming together across music venues, bands, musicians and industry leaders. This culminated in BBC coverage on BBC Music Day.

In 2019 Folkestone became The World’s First Music Town after a large community collaboration which spread over a period of years and was headed by Found in Music.

After working with lots of Music Cities around the world, the team became to realise that Folkestone had more music heritage than many other places and that it was something to be proud of and shout about!

Bringing Folkestone’s Music assets together included sectors within schools, care homes, nightlife, concerts and the community, with a 360 degree view of music from birth to death, throughout life.

Folkestone’s musical offering continues to stay strong as the operators in the scene continue to collaborate with each other and provide a variety of musical entertainment and education.

What makes a Music City?

SoundDiplomacy have put together a helpful infographic that explains the concept of Music Cities.

Check it out at the link below!