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Eleto Jazz Room Hush Live Music Folkestone Kent

Live Music in Folkestone

HUSH bring you live music in Folkestone. At a HUSH music evening you will be treated to an intimate audience with a top class touring act. A rare opportunity these days.
Frustrated by concerts where little attention or respect is paid to the performer, HUSH have decided to promote some live music shows where the opposite is the aim. My theory is that some gig attenders are like me in that they want to be able to really listen and focus on the Artiste in front of them .
So many venues are not designed to be performer friendly. Upstairs at the Eleto Chocolate Cafe in Folkestone, you will find a space where we can be kind to those on stage. We are respectful. Phones are off and the only speaking is in whispers. The bar staff at Upstairs @ Eleto are in with the plot so maximum enjoyment of the entertainers can be attained.

Eleto Jazz Room

The Eleto Chocolate Cafe is located right in the middle of Folkestone . Address is 12-14 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, CT20 1EZ. Upstairs @ Eleto is also know as the The Eleto Jazz Room. A once a month a Jazz gig happens here . Also, well worth a visit.
The singers and players are touring acts who are keen on coming to HUSH as we aim to make them as welcome as we can. Historically Folkestone has been a highlight for touring acts. We aim to bring that energy back.
It’s all about Original acts , not Tribute acts.

HUSH Live Music Events

About the promoter - That is me, Trevor Wyatt. Joined the music biz at 16 and have been involved in one way or another ever since. Many great years at Island Records being amongst the highlights. Now putting energy into the passion. Live music.
Stylistically we are featuring acts from the Folk, Americana, Country, Bluegrass and Singer-Songwriter arenas.
These gigs are the sort of shows I like to frequent myself. I particularly love harmony. In fact, our first show on July 4th features The Brother Brothers from Peoria, Illinois via Brooklyn, New York.. A modern day Everly brothers. Tickets will go on sale in April.