The Chambers at Quarter OF A CENTURY!!


05 Dec 2023
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12:00 am


The Chambers
The Chambers
Well…who thought this day would have ever been a ‘thing’!!
Not us on the 5th December 1998 on our opening night and that’s for sure…but here we are y’all!
25 YEARS down the line and still smiling 🙂 – and on the subject of smiles, we’d be thrilled if you’d like to come and share your smiles with us on the evening of Tuesday 5th December 2023 when we celebrate our birthday ♥
The fab HULLBALOO (one of the first bands we ever booked here at The Chambers) are looking forward to playing and entertaining on our behalf that night, so come prepared to dance a little too won’t you xxx
The aim of the night is to toast a bit of a landmark in our lives with as many friends as we can, so if our ‘ickle pub has meant something to you over the years (worked here, met you partner here, celebrated here, or just plain old liked the place) then please try to find time to come join us…we’d really like that x 🙂 x
Open door from noon that day so if you can’t make the evening then come say hullo through the day ok xx
Thanks everyone xxx

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